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Centro Peruano De Audicion, Lenguaje y Aprendizaje

The Centro Peruano de Audition, Lenguaje y Aprendizaje (CPAL) is a private, non-profit institution devoted to the education, treatment and rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults who suffer from difficulties in audition, language and learning. CPAL also trains teachers and psychologists in these areas. CPAL offers a variety of services, including the Diagnosis Department, Outpatient Clinic, Fernando Wiese Eslave School (a teaching center for deaf children), the Antares School, and the Second Specialty Program (open to professionals in Education and Psychology specializing in audition, language and learning). CPAL is a Center of Competence for the IBM Latin America Early Learning Program and trains teachers from Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Mexico.