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Earthwalk Communication

EarthWalk Communications, Inc., (EarthWalk) is a premier provider of technology, software and services that integrate mobile wireless computing to Web-enable the classroom. Its core mission is to train and enable teachers and students to effectively use computers and the Internet in the classroom. EarthWalk provides its customers with a variety of innovative wireless products and services ideal for creating E-learning environments.

EarthWalk will utilize its NetWize eXpress to allow curriculum development professionals and teachers to quickly connect to the Internet and build customized resource centers targeting specific instructional needs. This will be facilitated through incorporating our portable wireless computer network technology, which offers the opportunity to create distributed learning environments and the establishment of individualized e-learning initiatives. EarthWalk's computer systems are highly functional, supporting all standard multimedia software applications.

EarthWalk's wireless solution provides the flexibility and modularity to interconnect with wired lines, fixed wireless, or VSAT technology, making EarthWalk's technology adaptable to an organization's current mode of internet access or providing new connectivity options. EarthWalk's state-of-the-art distance learning and communications platform can be used as a bridge to enable teachers and schools to communicate via, chat, e-mail and telephone using voice over IP technology. By utilizing our Library Server, teachers and schools can share their resources over the Internet via our networked data and multimedia storage/server solution. Networking between schools and teachers is a major advantage in increasing the effectiveness of learning throughout a country or region.

EarthWalk has developed a web-based and/or onsite-training curriculum from which teachers will learn the use of the Internet and other technology-based solutions to expand the quality of classroom learning. EarthWalk utilizes a multilevel approach towards teacher training. Providing self-paced, web-based introductory level training, (web-based) instructor assisted certification training or in-service/on-site training programs. The training courses vary from introduction to computer basics, to application training and courses, in which teachers will learn how to integrate technology into curriculum. These courses can also be applied towards graduate degrees at participating Universities in the US. Our goal is to prepare teachers to teach using technology as an effective tool by first addressing their ability to understand and use technology on their own and then by teaching them how to integrate technology into their daily lesson planning.

EarthWalk's NetWize eXpress solution is the perfect hardware platform to install and build within the centers of excellence IT infrastructure. It's portability and power management features will assist in overcoming obstacles that will be present inside existing structures and facilities with inadequate electrical power or network cabling infrastructure. Incorporating high-level multimedia and curriculum development tools, our eBuddy wireless notebook computers will complement the efforts of the development team by providing the power of Intel's Celeron and Pentium processors and our wireless Ethernet technology.

EarthWalk will utilize their on-line tutorials and interactive CD-ROM-based training, which can provide a low cost alternative to higher cost, facilitated training as well as provide video taped training sessions to be viewed as a group or individually. This method of training is very cost effective and very practical. EarthWalk's Educational Services Division encompasses a professional development team of consultants, who together have developed a multilevel teacher training and curriculum program that enables teachers to learn how to integrate technology into everyday classroom activities.

EarthWalk's Library Server product can be used to incorporate up to 200-mirrored CD ROM images delivered across a LAN or Internet for a very cost effective CD-ROM-based solution. We can provide video-streaming technology to facilitate a multimedia broadcast in addition to actual instructor led distance learning curriculum. Our courses include various levels of professional development to include certification courses in technology.

EarthWalk's wireless mobile Internet access solutions provide teachers and students those tools that will allow access to the growing body of information and knowledge that is available through the Internet without the limitations of geographical obstacles or political boundaries. Teachers and students can divide themselves into individual-virtual-research groups and share information and ideals electronically while being physically dispersed around a room, a building, a country, or around the Globe. EarthWalk's hardware and software provides easy access to valuable Web content, allowing teachers and students to build customized databases of information that can become the foundation of school-to-school research initiatives.

EarthWalk's "Introduction to Teaching with Technology Program" is centered on getting teachers familiar with technology personally and teaching them how to integrate technology into everyday classroom activity. The key to using technology in the classroom is to learn to embrace technology as a high tech tool, thus changing the way teachers are teaching. EarthWalk's wireless technology also affords independence from a fixed network cabling infrastructure allowing many more alternatives of where, and how, EarthWalk's wireless laptops can be deployed within a learning environment which would not be possible with traditional fixed desktop systems.

EarthWalk's methodology is very concise and straightforward. The primary goal of our programs is to enhance the entire e-learning process. We will demonstrate the utilization of technology as a tool to gain access to Web-based information much faster and updated more frequently than found in tradition textbooks. We also encourage and incorporate collaboration with others in and outside of the classroom using technology as well as learning from one another. By incorporating our technological tools to transform every classroom into a high tech classroom of the future and modifying the teaching process, children will be able to learn more effectively, thus increasing the quality of education. EarthWalk's focus of Web enabled, network-supported, inquiry-based learning, allows the creation of educational environments where collaborative knowledge building becomes a natural and adaptive process.

EarthWalk has undertaken e-learning initiatives in over 3000 school districts in the U.S. that have promoted the use of the student notebook computer at home. This provides a means of getting the parents more involved with the children's education as well as introducing them to technology. Although this may not be practical in every case, it is one of the most effective approaches to community access. Our NetWize eXpress product because of it's portability, can be utilized at almost any location as opposed to the more traditional fixed desktop systems, which are single location based.

EarthWalk's Educational Services Division is comprised of former educators who are experienced in curriculum development. We have a team of software developers currently working on curriculum enhancement and deployment tools that will greatly assist in development of curriculum according to local standards of each country.

EarthWalk currently has relationships with several universities, colleges and institutes whose distance learning programs can be incorporated into our programs as well as shared and or co-developed by local institutions. Our own distance learning technology certification courses are currently accepted for graduate credit at five Universities in the U.S. EarthWalk's wireless technologies presents alternatives to Internet access and Web-based solutions for initiatives targeting computer literacy programs in traditional or non-traditional classroom environments such as after-school youth centers or adult education facilities. For private sector or commercial opportunities, especially in less developed markets, wireless technologies expands the options available to Entrepreneurs who want to broaden Internet access to the general population through Cyber Cafes, Telecenters, or other venues facilitating public access.