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Media Bridge

One World Media Center, Inc.

Theodore Smith has established a highly reputable and visionary video and film production career over 17 years. His commitment to media that is accessible to the community is the foundation and cornerstone of his ability to create effective collaborations and partnerships. His work echoes a commitment to social justice through creative expression and communication by using film, video and computers as tools to educate, organize, and transform.

This ethic is most clearly reflected through his co-founding of One World Media Center (OWMC) a nonprofit community-based media resource center founded in 1994 in the District of Columbia. For eight years Mr. Smith volunteered as staff to this nonprofit community-based media resource center which served the neighborhoods of Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, Kalorama, Reed Cooke,Shaw, and Woodley Park. OWMC exploited the exciting convergence of video, computers, multimedia, and Internet distribution to the benefit of low and modest income community members. To ensure this technology was accessible, Mr. Smith with co-founders raised approximately $300,000 and assisted over 300 area non-profits.

In 2000 OWMC created a new partnership with Calvery Multicultural Learning Center. In this new identity OWMC will continue to offer training in TV production especially to young people, provide direct access to TV production equipment, serve as an educational and vocational resource, and facilitate distribution of community productions locally, nationally and internationally.

Currently, Mr. Smith's two main areas of commitment are as B.O.D. member of OWMC and as a documentary producer for The Discovery Communications. Highlighted below are a few production credits:

"World War II: True Colors" for the Learning Channel, "Nefertiti: Egypt's Mysterious Queen" for the Learning Channel, "Slaveship" Discovery Channel's Emmy award winning show for editing graphical elements.: "History of DOO-WOP" for National Geographic, "Building Your Future-Math in the Public Schools" for Arlington Public Schools, "2nd Language Advantage" for Arlington Public Schools, "Life Without Art" for Arlington Public Schools. All of these programs were aired nationally via satellite broadcast to distant learning sites.

In 2001 Mr. Smith has been awarded the Heritage Tour Grant to document the history and survival of five local ethnic church communities throughout the U.S. and their significant political and social struggles. This program chronicles Japanese American internment survivors, African American, Native American with ancestors participated in the Underground Railroad or Trail of Tears, Mexican and Tongan Americans coming to terms with their people's legacy in North America.

Mr. Smith's vision to help create an opportunity for all in society to tell stories, find truth and beauty and to benefit from technological advances is what intensely motivates his labor. He will bring his unique blend of creative excellence with technical know how to the dot-EDU partnership.