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International Literacy Institute/Univ. of Pennsylvania

ILI seeks to provide scientific leadership in training and development in absisc education and literacy for children, youth and adults, with a special emphasis on developing countries. ILI has extensive experience in utilizing information technologies in their basic education and literacy initiatives around the world. For instance, ILI, with funding from USAID, created the University Developement Linkages Program which linked ILI/PENN with Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, and Tunisia. Since then, ILI's activities have created partnerships to foster regional and national centers of excellence; an international training program to enhance the capacity of national and regional institutions and agencies; innovations derived from research, development, and evaluation; and information dissemination through a website, ILI has also begun utilizeing IT in the basic education and literacy sector under the auspices of UNESCO, OECF, J.P. Morgan, and others through the Bridges to the Future Initiative. The project builds on ILI's experience in the area of instructional design of learning tools for teacher training and student learning. A series of CD-ROM based tools and interactive web-support modules are at the core of this innovative learning system.