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CECOVI Entry #1- Week of June 1, 2004 :

Facilitating Online Communication and Analysis of Different Types of Dialogue

This week was devoted to reflection on the types of dialogues and strategies that a moderator can use to channel each type of dialogue. In addition, participants were invited to use the voice of their pets to share other dimensions of their profile.

Lucina’s Postings

Response from Metacursos moderator

Forum:  Let’s discuss what we have read

Times Read:  14

Date:  06-02-2004

Author:  FELIX CHACON, Lucina Lola

Subject Re:  Practice defines the norm

Cecovista friends

I understand that SOCIAL DIALOGUE is something that you and I are discussing as a topic of common interest. 

ARGUMENTATIVE DIALOGUE is something along the lines of creating an argument about a theme that we have to overcome through the network.

PRAGMATIC DIALOGUE is dialogue that wants to reach an objective, to solve a problem.

We will be exchanging more ideas.  See you soon.

We suggest that you embrace the knowledge that the readings offer each week and practice it.  That is the true value of this work, so once you read, what it teaches you is more important than what you actually read.  It isn’t necessary to tell us, in the case of this week’s reading, about the different types of dialogue, but rather what they teach you. 

Thanks for taking on the challenge of participating in this seminar.  We are sure that the results of these six weeks will fill you with satisfaction.

Forum:  Let’s get to know each other

Times Read:  10

Date:  06-01-2004

Author:  FELIX CHACON, Lucina Lola

Subject Re:  I am Lobita.

I am Lobita, Lucina’s pet.

I am a little dog, a living being just like you, dear friends.  I am happy to be next to my beloved owner.  I have black and white fur.  Now I am a bit busy with my two puppies, that don’t allow me to attend to my owner’s needs.  In spite of that, I am always with her. 

Exchanging ideas with all of you about the CAPTIC Project fascinates me.  My owner is not taking care of me as usual because she is looking after my puppies and I feel a bit jealous.

It is a pleasure to get to know all of you.


Lobita told us a lot about Lucina, and it made us very happy for her to visit us in the pet space.  We will soon have time to chat with Lucina in the next few weeks.

This week you didn’t come into the space.  I’m sure that as time passes, thoughts about the seminar come into your mind.  This is a fruitful place to publish them.  Be sure to drop by the THOUGHT forum.