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CECOVI Entry #3- Week of July 6, 2004 :

Discussion of Strategies and Indicators for Facilitating a Virtual Community of Practice

This week focused on indicators and strategies for maintaining healthy online communities of learners.

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Response from Metacursos moderator

Forum:  Let’s discuss the reading

Times Read:  21

Author:  FELIX CHACON, Lucina Lola


I wish to contribute ideas to my Cecovian colleagues’ analysis by responding to Professor Alvaro’s first question and sharing with you my thoughts about healthy communities:

  • What came into your mind when you read about the different “indicators” of when a trainee virtual community is considered to be healthy?

This is a phrase that has been used more than once:  the online community fulfills the needs of its members, and its participants express their sincere opinions.  This chapter teaches us to summarize our experiences about virtual group work, and as we advance, we will mature our ability to develop and add other ideas. 

I would like to ask you now, why do we refer to an online community as healthy? Why do we need to look for health indicators?

Best regards to all the Cecovians. Happy Teacher’s Day to All!


You responded to the proposal and added some of your own “harvest”.  Your reading and understanding of the chapter shows.  You also express your concern for the community’s health in asking your question.  Very good!

However, your input would have been more fruitful if you would have added new elements to the discussion.  That way you would be opening the dialogue to the whole group, in addition to encouraging them to keep participating.  I invite you to keep expressing your opinions in order to enrich the reading and to interweave or connect other’s input (relating back to previous input).  Also, I invite you to propose queries (through questions or otherwise) in order to generate constructive discussion.  Go ahead; use this week to give it a try! 



Forum:  Reflecting throughout the week

Date:  07-07-2004 22:00

Author:  FELIX CHACON, Lucina Lola

Subject Re:  Mi reflection

Hello friends, sometimes I thought of withdrawing but now I am feeling relieved by keeping away from many criticisms. This is a challenge, I am learning to be a leader.

Thanks for sharing everyone,


Your sincerity shines through in your reflection.  Thanks for being so direct!  Just the same, I would like to ask you to pay more attention to choosing your Subject heading.  An expressive Subject heading attracts others to read and respond.

You overcame your desire to withdraw and went ahead.  A brave person is not someone who does not feel fear, but rather someone who overcomes the fear.  Well done!  During Week 6 could you compare and interconnect your feelings with the rest of the group’s?  That way we will end up with a painting where each brushstroke is different, though together they offer us a complete view of the landscape.  I’m sure you will be able to do it!