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Pacific Resouces for Educaiton and Learning (PREL)

For the past 10 years, PREL has worked with distance learning and training, interactive website development, distance learning needs assessment, and governance issues pertaining to technology and basic education. PREL has collaborated with the World Health Organization, sent IT staff intoo each of the island nations in the South Pacific, as well as some of the Rim nations such as the Philippines to conduct needs assessments. PREL IT staff have also developed a web-delivered algebra course for teachers and students, complete with white boards, video conferencing, moderated e-discussion groups and other essential components of basic education enhanced by technology. Finally, PREL is designing a web-based reading course for elementary school students students who are studying English but with a different mother tongue. Although PREL's staff is primarily focused on Pacific Rim nations, initiatives have been undertaken in Eastern Europe, India and Pakistan.