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World As A Classroom

World As A Classroom (WAAC), LLC is an educational organization that works at the "grassroots" level to accelerate instructional and learning processes and improve educational quality in developing nations by enhancing the performance of their teachers. Through its "Corps of Master Teachers," WAAC services primary through senior-secondary school levels, using proven approaches to both distance education and school-based, hands-on in-service education and training (INSET) learning strategies, combined with local training seminars for teachers.

WAAC has established a wide network of working relationships, resulting from its initial South African pilot program. These relationships will significantly increase the prospects for project success. The company continues to develop critical alliances among education and information technology providers.

WAAC provides strong teacher support and delivers high quality educational products and services, using computers, multimedia and other instructional media. Its focus is in the following strategic areas:

  1. Working with teachers at the ground level to develop skills and understanding in the use of computers and other instructional media and technologies for learning, delivering course content in a more effective manner – using a train-the-trainer model.
  2. The development of teacher-generated lessons, classroom activities, and laboratory exercises in the sciences and other disciplines for classroom use to improve the learners' achievement. These instructional aids and activities are – written by teachers for teachers.
  3. The development of streaming multimedia training session for teachers that are delivered to learning centers through satellite – based Intranets and workbooks – that will be written by teachers for teachers.

Our overall business objective is to create a school-based education and training system, augmented by Web-based tools for teachers and their learners. The Company will design and distribute custom classroom content and instructional materials.

World As A Classroom's recruitment objectives are aimed at attracting staff members that are by training and experience very capable of functioning in more than one capacity. All staff members have extensive experience in the use of computers and other instructional media used to enhance the education experiences of learners.