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dot-EDU Fact Sheet

Educational Exchange with the University of Mali

Period of Performance: 21 August 2002 through 15 September 2003


Workforce development, gender equity, educational exchange, capacity building

Project Goal:

To enhance the capacity of the University of Bamako so that it may effectively manage and provide reliable information technology services to its faculty, researchers, IT network managers and students. This exposure will improve the quality of university education, allow Malian academics to engage in their fields of study globally, and create a workforce that has the skills—and is empowered—to launch Mali into the information age. Additionally, particular attention will be placed on issues of gender equity.

List of Partners:

EDC staff and dot-EDU partners will ensure above all that project activities will lead to the achievement of the following Program Results:

PR1 – Training for the University of Bamako WAN administrators and LAN managers– security, network management, and help desk assistance.

PR2 – Training for teachers, students and training of trainers, covering all the basics of using the Internet: search engines, web site navigation, URLs (Internet addresses), email systems, list-subscription systems, and other basic aspects of using the Internet (200 people per month); training in web page development and maintenance for selected University webmasters (5 people per department).

PR3 – Three pilot projects developed and implemented that will allow selected faculty members to integrate information technology in their academic curricula.

PR4 – Proactive Internet user groups established in each department of the University of Bamako to ensure sustainability and creativity in the use of information technology in an academic environment.

PR5 – A strategic plan for 2003-2005, to put into place a use and evaluation unit. When created, the Unit will assist the University in assuming full ownership of its system, coordinating, advising and planning its growth or modifications to better serve its purpose of contributing to the improvement of the education system in the University of Bamako.

PR6 – A plan for establishing a computerized Information Resource Center, to capture information resources on IT sponsored by the University and gather, organize and provide accessibility for research, lessons learned, results and best practices on the general process of introduction of IT utilization in the University of Bamako.

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