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Information for USAID Missions

Why dot-EDU?

dot-EDU helps Missions implement programs that utilize:

These learning technologies represent just a few capabilities offered with dot-EDU. Each Associate Award is customized according to the needs and context of the Mission and its local partners.

Key Advantages of the dot-EDU Mechanism for USAID Missions:

What is the step-by-step process to set up an Associate Award?

  1. Contact Stephen Tournas (, Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO) for dot-EDU
  2. EDC staff visit Mission, draft program description together
  3. Completed program description and preliminary budget sent back to Mission from EDC
  4. Mission sends EDC a formal RFP using program description language and requests appropriate resource partner participation
  5. EDC sends comments and detailed budget back to Mission, including sub-grants to resource partners if applicable
  6. Mission sends comments, and final budget is negotiated
  7. The Associate Award is then made official through Stephen Tournas, CTO for dot-EDU