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Internet in Yemeni High Schools

Period of Performance: 30 June 2003 through 30 June 2006


High school education, student e-learning, internet

Project Vision:

Create a communication and collaborative learning network for 24 high schools throughout Yemen, with each other and with high schools in the United States.

Project Mission:

To connect a sample of schools in Yemen to the internet in order to:

Project Overview:

As Yemen emerges from decades of isolation, the country continues to be burdened with a host of problems that are hindering its development. One of the major problems facing the country is a lack of access to information, platforms for the exchange of information and a sense of “connectivity” to the outside world. To help improve this situation, Education Development Center is collaborating with World Links, iEARN and SOUL, an NGO based in Yemen, to implement an exciting new project, “Internet for Yemeni High Schools” which uses e-learning as an effective tool for rapid growth. Funded by USAID, the project aims to connect a sample group of schools in Yemen to the Internet in order to (1) improve teachers’ ability to facilitate student-centered lessons, by providing them with online connections to peers in Yemen, the region, and the United States, and, (2) improve student learning by allowing Yemeni students, and girls in particular, to do research, access information, and share information with other students in Yemen, the region, and the United States, and (3) assess the impact of the Internet as a teaching and learning tool in schools in Yemen. The project began in June 2003 and will run through the summer of 2006.

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