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dot-EDU Pilot Projects

In September, 2001, EDC was awarded a five-year cooperative agreement – a Leader-With-Associates Award (No. GDG-A-00-01-00011-00) – to help bring digital opportunities to developing countries. The Associate Awards are projects initiated by USAID Missions around the world in collaboration with resource partners and local partners.

In addition, pilot projects and case studies are developed each year to test innovative ideas and strategies as well as facilitate dialogue among policymakers, private-sector organizations and local partners. Many pilots benefit from private-sector involvement and cost sharing from non-federal funds.

Some of the educational challenges that dot-EDU pilots address include:

• harnessing low-cost, locally available, versatile technologies to meet the critical learning needs of at-risk groups including young women and girls in Laos and Thailand

• developing information resources and tools geared towards helping policymakers and researchers worldwide successfully address issues relating to the application of ICTs in education

• developing public-private sector partnerships to explore the uses of technology in early childhood development in Peru and throughout Latin America

• partnering with public and private sector institutions to develop a training package for countries in Southeast Asia to help guide strategic planning in the use of ICTs in education

• exploring the issues of universal service in telecommunication’s policy in Latin America and Africa with a focus on universal service provisions for education

• developing a national ICT strategy in order to bring locally successful practices to scale in Guatemala and supporting local, experienced, and trusted NGOs to assist the Ministry implement the strategy

Location Description Start Date
Africa-wide ICTs in African Schools April 2003
Ghana, Ethiopia MIT-AITI (Africa Internet Technology Initiative) April 2003
Global Berkman Center - ICT Readiness Survey September 2002
Peru IT and early childhood development with IBM August 2002
Southeast Asia SEAMEO Innotech: IBM Strategic Planning Toolkit October 2003
South Africa ILI literacy project April 2003
Uganda ICTs and HIV/AIDS prevention January 2002
Laos Using Low-Cost Technology to Reach Mekong Girls November 2003
Global Sustaining School Networks February 2004
Guatemala Transfer of Enlace Quiche to NGO status February 2004
Colombia "Sintonizados" - IRI for Teacher Training in Pacific Regions July 2004

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